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Top Tourist Attractions in Nicaragua The Land of Lakes and Volcanoes

Nicaragua is a wonder, being the largest country in Central America 7 different types of forest lands are found in these large areas. Nicaragua is known as “the land of lakes and volcanoes.” Yet it one of those countries least explored. Nicaragua is bordered with Costa Rica, Honduras, the Pacific Ocean, and the Caribbean Sea and it two big lakes: Lake Managua and Lake Nicaragua are enclosed the land. Lake Nicaragua is bigger than Lake Managua, in fact it is the biggest lake of Central America, one of its wonders besides being beautiful lake it is the only fresh-water that contain sharks in the world! Nicaragua as said is known to be the land of lakes and volcanoes because beside the wonder of its lake it also has the largest freshwater volcanic island in the world. In consideration hosting the second largest rainforest busy with wildlife in the Americas; these impressive natural wonders have made Nicaragua a large country with many tourist attractions and activities to all visitors. We’ve made a selection of the most precious top attractions for the most popular tourist attractions in Nicaragua.


When it comes to tourist attractions in Nicaragua, we must mention Managua. Managua is its capital has been the safest of all capitals in Central America. Managua suffered from major disasters ranging from earthquakes in 1931 and 1972, fire 1936 and fighting 1978–79 most of the destroyed buildings such as the city center were never completely rebuilt, the only exception is the old cathedral (1920s) rebuilt in a modern structure and was completed in 1993.

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2- San Juan del Sur (SJDS):
San Juan del Sur is located on the Pacific coastline. Direct access to a wide variety of activities for travelers beside its hotels, restaurants; beautiful beaches and natural beauty are some of the best enjoyable of Nicaragua.

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Granada is an old colorful city famous with European-founded architecture houses. Considered Granada’s tourism capital of Nicaragua.

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4-Ometepe Island”Island of the two Volcanoes” :
Ometepe, located in the middle of the Lake of Nicaragua, this unique destination originally formed by two volcanoes connected by a small strip. Ometepe Island is remarkably beautiful famous with its relaxed and slow-going character.

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5-Leon” the land of volcanoes” :
León is rich in history and tradition. Leon is the second largest city famous with first Spanish colonial ruins which was placed on the UNESCO World Heritage list in the year 2000. The grand Cathedral of the Assumption is a Spanish Colonial the largest cathedral in Central America a well-known to be attraction in the city.

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