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Top Fascinating Villages Around the World

Many tourists love to see the well-known stunning places, big cities, famous wonders, popular laces etc.…but there are a lot of beautiful locations may do not know or even you do not know that they do exist. There are many villages Fascinating Villages Around the World where relaxation and privacy are guaranteed beside their incredible beauty. Those fascinating picture-perfect villages around the world are absolutely interesting; they are filled with old-world charm, amazing nature and spectacular views. Well, here we give you the chance to see some of the Top Fascinating Villages around the World to Visit! You can thank us later when you escape the city crowds and find some peace …For now; enjoy these gorgeous, most amazing places to visit in Europe. Images source on  onebigphoto and Pinterest. Enjoy!

Popeye’s Village in Sweetheaven – Malta:

Popeye_Village (1)

Popeye_Village (2)

Village on the bank of the Niger river, Mali:

Village on the bank of the Niger river, Mali

Cochem, Germany;


Telc, Czech Republic:


Portree, Scotland:


Manarola, Italy:


Dinant, Belgium:


Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic:


Eze, France:


Eze French

Giethoorn, Netherlands:


Burano, Italy;


Bilbury, England:

Bilbury, England

Sintra, Portugal:


Goreme, Turkey;


Hallstatt, Austria:


Bled, Slovenia:


Colmar, France


Reine, Norway


Portree, Scotland


Sidi Bou Said in northern, Tunisia;

Sidi Bou Said in northern Tunisia

Shirakawa-go village Japan

Shirakawa-go village  Japan

Pariangan Minangkabau

Pariangan   Minangkabau

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